the tenth cup of tea

While I was off on my own mission, the rest of the guys were trying to figure out how to get Nabil and Kaveh out of the water as quickly as possible.

The next response was to put another boat in the water. Again, in hindsight, it was a pretty terrible idea. But they were panicking and that was the only idea they could come up with.

So, Heiwad and Mustafa got into a two-man canoe, and Saeed propelled them into the water. Only this time, they started a little more upstream so when swept in by the rapids, they would land near Nabil and Kaveh.

Once Saeed launched them into the river, he immediately began to worry that they would get swept up in the rapids. So, he looked around and found a rope, picked it up and yelled at Heiwad and Mustafa, “Do you need this rope?!” They were never in need of that rope. Instead, Heiwad yelled at him to grab the keys to his car and drive to the other side of the river. The mission was to get to the farmhouse on the opposite side.

Once they made it to the island, Heiwad and Mustafa began to use to branches from the trees in the island, to pull them through to get to Nabil and Kaveh. Something went wrong though, and the rapids ended up pulling them strongly, and they ended up capsizing their canoe as well. Once the two of them flipped their canoe, they were stuck in chest deep water while facing a hard current. Heiwad and Mustafa slowly made their way to Nabil and Kaveh. Once they made it to them, Heiwad wrapped Kaveh’s arm around him, kind of like a scene from Saving Private Ryan, and began to lead the group to the other side of the river.

Luckily for them, the water between them and the house on the other side was shallow enough for them to walk across. The closer they got to the shore, the easier it became to walk. However, keep in mind that it was about 17 degrees, and the water was even colder. And Nabil and Kaveh had been in that water for at least five minutes.

Kaveh was the first to get to shore, and once he did, Heiwad went into survival mode and had him take off his clothes to prevent further hypothermia. Heiwad went up the hill to try and knock on the door, but the farmhouse on top of the hill had a guard dog, and it was blocking the path for Heiwad to get to the house. Suddenly though, a woman came out of the house and shooed the dog away. She brought everyone inside, offered them hot showers and blankets to keep them warm.

Sometime later, I appeared at the house. I could see how much the water had an effect on Nabil especially. He looked like he needed to go to the hospital. He had already taken a warm shower, was wrapped around in a blanket, and sitting near the fire. And yet, he was still shivering and shaking.

A little while after me, Saeed turned up. And then we knew the worst had passed. Everyone had turned out okay, for the most part at least. We had gotten some help getting the canoe back, and soon made our way back to the house.

We got back to the house, and as soon as we opened the door, we saw Mujtaba, Mustafa’s younger brother. All of us had totally forgotten about him. Once we entered the house, his response to us being gone for so long was, “Did you remember to pick up the mango juice I asked for?” He thought we all took a trip to Food Lion.

The entire time we went through that traumatic experience, Mujjy was at the cabin. Straight chilling. The guy took a shower, did some laundry, cooked himself a warm meal. Meanwhile we were all freezing cold, some of us close to death. In his defense, though, he had no idea any of this had occurred.

That concludes this three part story, I hope that you enjoyed reading through the traumatic experience that we faced!

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